Research & Documentation

Research and Documentation


Research and Documentation is the mainstay of any programme that warrants evidence-based policy intervention, and offers data and information pertaining to identified social problems or issues, gathered from the field using scientific method and tools. Data and information gathered from research finding serve as critical input for formulation of policies and programmes. Such findings also need to be documented in an easily accessible format for ready use of policy makers, programme implementing agencies as well as for researchers for subsequent research work.

Antakshari Foundation uses such research and documentation for advocacy and exploring the areas of Child Rights that are concern and affect children and their rights. The efforts have been to fill the gaps existing among government functionaries and statutory bodies by collating such data and information and by documenting them. Further such data’s are used for the purpose of advocacy and building capacity of stakeholders by way of training. In addition to this such information’s acts in development of IECS, manuals and modules.

Last few years has been noteworthy for conducting research and documentation and latter on presenting such research in front of concerned authorities. It has been a matter of pride for the organisation as the documents have been accepted by the authorities and implemented in the state.