Vision & Mission


A society where every human being lives a life with dignity and opportunity to achieve the highest human potential


To undertake socio economic development of the socially and economically backward and marginalized people through awareness and capacity building


  • To assist socially and economically backward people to make them self sufficient.
  • To build capacity of the people those who are vulnerable community
  • To establish, maintain, manage, control and run educational centre for making the present systems more effective and practical.
  • To educate and promote specially the youth who working in the field of social importance and education.
  • To collaborate with the govt. wherever opportunity arises and necessary
  • To take the grass root issues to the govt. and policy level for advocacy
  • Networking with NGOs, women's groups, local CBOs,

Target Group

  • Socially deprived and marginalized groups and poor communities
  • Vulnerable groups and communities living under difficult circumstances
  • Children Living in Difficult Circumstances like street, rescued Child labour, begging Children, runway & Missing children , challenged children etc.